Penelope & Friends


Meet the Bloom family, in order of appearance: Henry the Hamster, Penelope, Mrs. Bloom, Mr. Bloom, Junior, Sawyer, and Snowflake (Snowie) the dog.


Penelope Bloom is an adorable, rough and tumble, curious, and strong-willed child who loves to dress up in tutu’s and princess clothes. She is not a “princess” like you’d imagine the perfect child, but utterly loveable in all her less than perfect ways.






Eloise is one of Penelope’s two best friends. She loves tutu’s, her bow and arrows, and wild adventures. Eloise is fearless and full of energy. She loves to pirouette while hunting down the answers to their latest mysteries.






Junjie loves to explore the world and all its mysteries. He carries a magnifying glass with him at all times, to examines bugs, plants, and the myriad of clues which pop up everywhere. He especially loves to solve riddles and puzzles, putting his detective skills to work.

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